Built on a foundation of expertise. 
Crafted for the furniture, wood and merchanting industries.
Designed by three founders who share a passion.

Our mission

To empower apprentices to achieve in end-point assessment.

We achieve this by providing added-value expertise and support to our partners in the delivery of their apprenticeships.

Empowering Apprectices

It’s all about the people

Creating relationships with individuals who share our passion

Developing partnerships with organisations driving change, ambition and skills

We’re the people who deliver high quality value-added apprenticeship products and services

A team to be proud of

We have created a team of likeminded individuals to support our aims, individuals who share…

Our passion in quality assurance and assessment

Our drive for continuous improvement

Our commitment to robust governance and validity

And, our love for the industries we serve.

Our aims

  • Deliver high quality end-point assessment services that enable apprentices to achieve their full potential
  • Provide expert and added-value support to our apprenticeship partners that enables them to strive for excellence in apprenticeship delivery
  • Work purposefully with partners to maintain productive relationships, and encourage innovation to develop and enhance service provision
  • Drive improvement in organisational and service standards to ensure compliance with external requirements and support financial sustainability
  • Develop the organisational capacity and capability of our organisation to ensure that service standards can be delivered and improved to meet the needs of our partners and apprentices.

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