Wickes launch installation apprenticeship programme

Wickes are proud to launch their first Installation Apprenticeship programme. New for 2021, the initiative taps into the skills gap, demand for trade, and is part of Wickes commitment to the future. With the longer term view to help build a pipeline of small UK business, by supporting the development and nurture of local trade talent.

There are 48 places available throughout next year with salaries funded by Wickes, and we’d like to thank those in the Wickes Approved Kitchen Installer Network who voluntarily opened up their operations to an apprentice. Throughout the 18 months of the programme, apprentices will learn life and trade skills, together with receiving mentoring from those in the fitted kitchen industry.

This people investment is a direct response to the availability within the industry following a pilot scheme this year. Wickes also recognise that there will be many redefining their careers following an unusual year and want to highlight this new programme is open to all as an opportunity to build a new path in trade.

Achieve+Partners look forward to sharing the apprenticeship stories next year!

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