Whitemeadow Appentices recieve top marks

A group of seven Whitemeadow Apprentices have just completed their Level 2 Furniture Manufacturer – Modern Upholsterer Apprenticeship EPA with Achieve+Partners. Three of the apprentices achieved full marks in their observations and five of the apprentices achieved an overall Distinction. We hope they are very proud of what they have achieved. The apprenticeships were delivered with Webs Training.

Mandy Harper, Apprenticeship Programme Manager at Whitemeadow said “Some of the highest grades ever to be achieved by these fantastic lot! Feeling super proud of Callum Britton, Tammy Burton, Elizabeth Buxton, Georgina Lappage, Stacey Varley, Tara Graney and Kimberley Carter. Top marks once again as Phase 3 apprentices complete their Modern Upholsterer Apprenticeship. All passed with results to be proud of! 15 months of hard work, determination, commitment and discipline has paid off!”

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