Association of Apprentices

We’d like to introduce you to the Association of Apprentices – an innovative new membership platform which will boost your apprentices’ workplace skills, engagement, development productivity, and performance.

The platform is led by apprentices for UK apprentices who are either currently on programme or have recently completed their apprenticeship. The community was created to provide what does not exist elsewhere – peer-to-peer support, guidance, access to a programme of networking events, online tools, and resources in a central place.   

The association will also provide added benefits for employers – supporting apprentice retention as well as facilitating their learning and progression and increasing their productivity in your organisation.

We want to ensure that all apprentices across the UK know about this new initiative and have access to the growing network and support it provides – we have already had interest from hundreds of apprentices. Please share this flyer with your apprentices – it’s free for them to join and allows them to be part of a community of like-minded people, with the common goal of succeeding in their apprenticeships and the world of work.

We hope you find this of interest and support to your apprentices.

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