Achieve+Partners recognised as an Awarding Organisation

Achieve+Partners became a recognised Awarding Organisation regulated by Ofqual on 10th November 2020. Our formal recognition number is RN6026.

This approval gives us powers to design, develop and award qualifications within the scope of our recognition. Dame Glenys Stacey, Acting Chief Regulator welcomed us to the community of Awarding Organisations yesterday ‘Recognition by Ofqual is a mark of Quality – it shows that you are able to combine expertise in assessment with effective operational delivery’

Naturally the team are delighted with the outcome after such a robust process. Work is already underway to build a portfolio of qualifications to meet our customers needs and drive forward a new generation of skills.

We are delighted to be and indeed feel privileged to be working with so many of you in the industry. This achievement will allow us to forge ahead with our common mission to secure the skills and future of our beloved industry.

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