Achieve Director celebrates 6 years as a Freeman of the City of London and Liveryman of The Furniture Makers

Lisa Williamson, the Operations Director at Achieve+Partners is immensely proud to be celebrating six years as Liveryman of The Furniture Makers Company and Freeman of the City of London.

There are a number of ancient privileges associated with the position that include the right to herd sheep over London bridge, to go about the City with a drawn sword, and if convicted of a capital offence, to be hung with a silken rope. Other advantages are said to have included the right to avoid being press-ganged, to be married in St. Paul’s Cathedral, buried in the City and to be drunk and disorderly without fear of arrest.

Today, most of the practical reasons for obtaining the Freedom of the City have long disappeared but nevertheless it remains a unique part of London’s history to which many people who have lived or worked in the City have been proud to be admitted.

Lisa sits on The Furniture Makers Education and Training Committee to support and drive forward the skills agenda with the industry.

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