The standards we assess

We are different from our competitors. We understand your industry having spent decades supporting you.

We are approved to provide end-point assessment for the standards listed below

Achieve+Partners is approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. We are listed on the Register of End-point Assessment Organisations.

You can appoint us now by using our ID number is EPA0501.

Achieve+Partners is aproved by Ofqual as an awarding organisation, our recognition number is RN6026.

We understand that apprenticeships and their assessment requirements can be difficult to interpret. So we have provided a summary of their requirements for each of the standards click on the links below.

If you need any further information please get in touch.

What is EPA?

End-point assessment (EPA) tests the knowledge, skills and behaviours that the apprentice has gained during their training.

Appoint us today, its easy to do

The first step in the process is to formally appoint Achieve+Partners as the end-point assessment organisation against specific standards. The employer of the apprentice needs to make this appointment.

We have made this process easy and you can appoint us by completing and returning our service level agreement.

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