FIESTA Partnership

Who are FIESTA?

Trade associations from across the UK furniture and interiors industry have united to create a unified new approach to learning and skills; the Furniture and Interiors Education and Training Alliance (FIESTA). The purpose of FIESTA is to reduce the current skills gap and to ensure learning and development is key to all furniture and furnishings businesses. The group aims to connect and inspire furniture and interiors businesses and provide solutions to address education and training issues in the sector.

FIESTA sees this focus on partnership working as a keyway of creating a common purpose. It recognises the importance of a continued dialogue across the sector especially during the current period of economic uncertainty coupled with the many changes taking place across apprenticeship standards.

How does our partnership support the industry?

This unique partnership approach will unite the sector, bringing together professional and trade bodies with employers and training providers and enabling apprentices to achieve their full potential.

What projects are we working on together?

As part of the strategic partnership between the two organisations, Achieve+Partners is working with FIESTA on the review and development of nine level 2 apprenticeship standards. This strategic approach continues FIESTA’s work towards driving skills development and offering attractive and flexible pathways for people of all ages to join and thrive within the industry.

In addition, we support FIESTA, and its members understand the ever-changing skills landscape from policy to delivery, decoding technical information for the group to develop fit for purpose skills policy. We provide an important link between delivery bodies and policy.

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It is an honour and privilege to work hand in hand with FIESTA to support the current and future skills needs of the industries we have committed to serve.

Amanda Moore

Managing Director, Achieve+Partners

Our partnership with Achieve+Partners will help us to further unite the sector and provide education and training solutions to really meet the ever-evolving needs of the employers and continue to attract much needed talent to the industry.

Gary Baker


Lisa Williamson is a much-valued expert in the arena of apprenticeships in the furniture industry. Her specialism within the field makes her an invaluable resource on furthering the sector’s skills agenda.

Jonny Westbrooke

Chief Executive Officer, The Furniture Makers’ Company

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