What is EPA?

End-point assessment (EPA) tests the knowledge, skills and behaviours that the apprentice has gained during their training.

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What does an EPA involve?

Assessment plans set out the main requirements for the final testing and what methods should be used. As the experts for their respective workforces, employers can determine the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for job roles, and they will be guided on how best to test for occupational competence in their particular industry.

Importantly, EPA’s are not designed to test every single aspect of a Standard. Instead they are designed to enable an apprentice to demonstrate that overall they have developed the key knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be able to do their job effectively.

An End Point Assessment might involve all or some of the following testing methods:

  • Multiple choice tests
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Practical observation
  • Professional discussion with independent assessor
  • Workplace projects

Where does EPA take place?

EPA’s are taken under exam conditions. So need a suitably controlled environment to allow the apprentice to concentrate and do their best. This can either be at their employer’s premises or an agreed external location.

Can an apprentice re-sit their EPA?

If an apprentice fails all or part of their End Point Assessment most apprenticeship standards allow at least one re-sit for the any of the components of an end-point assessment.

Details and arrangements for these can be found in the standard toolkit. If an apprentice fails a component(s) of the end-point assessment, then a re-sit can be booked within 24 hours. However additional learning may be required to support the apprentice, and this should be considered and agreed by the employer and training provider. Achieve+Partners does not play a role in the preparation of apprentices for re-sits but will carry out end-point assessment re-sits in line with the apprenticeship requirements.

How much does End Point Assessment cost?

The cost of an EPA is determined by a number of factors. These include:

  • type of assessments required
  • time an independent examiner is needed for
  • number of apprentices being tested on the same day

Government funding is available to support the costs of End Point Assessment. This forms part of the overall apprenticeship funding. Twenty percent of the total cost of an apprenticeship is retained by government until the final assessment stage. This represents the maximum cost for an EPA, though often they are lower than 20%.

How we can help

We are dedicated to developing apprenticeships that work for you. As industry specialists we appreciate the challenges faced in this fast-paced industry. As an approved EPAO our dedication to providing an end point assessment service that works for you is just as strong. Decades of experience and a passionate commitment to upskilling apprentices and supporting delivery partners led to the creation of Achieve+Partners.

Still want to know more?

If you have unanswered questions, or simply want to talk through the EPA process, please contact us – we’re here to help.

Appoint us today, its easy to do

The first step in the process is to formally appoint Achieve+Partners as the end-point assessment organisation against specific standards. The employer of the apprentice needs to make this appointment.

We have made this process easy and you can appoint us by completing and returning our service level agreement.

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